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TADS Awards 2021 : Expert Panel Discussion #1 – TADS Market Opportunities


  • Information session for TADS Awards
  • Expert Panel Discussion #1 – TADS Market Opportunities
  • Date & time: Friday, August 13, 2021 · 8 – 9pm HKT
  • Location: Online

About this event

TADS Awards 2021

Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities (“TADS”) industry is a game-changer. The World Economic Forum forecasts that by 2027, 10% of the world’s GDP will be tokenized — with an estimated market capitalization of US$24 trillion.

TADS Awards is the world’s first annual international awards for the Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities sector. Gathering individuals and businesses from around the world to share the energy that tokenization brings to financial markets, TADS Awards celebrates these industries by recognizing and honoring significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide.

Nominations for the second-year’s TADS Awards to be held in 2021 (“TADS Awards 2021”) are now open for submission until 30th September 2021. Nominations can be self-submitted or submitted through TADS Awards’ Global Ambassadors, any TADS Awards’ partners or Committee Members. Details in relation to the nomination process are available here.

Event Rundown

  • 8pm – 8:10pm (10mins)
    • Information session of “TADS Awards 2021” – background of award, nominee eligibility, application process, judging criteria, award ceremony …etc
      By Sam Lee, Chairman of Steering Committee of TADS Awards, Founder & CEO of Coinstreet Partners
  • 8:10pm – 8:50pm (40 mins)
    • Expert Panel discussion
    • Topic: Market Opportunities for Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities
    • Moderator:
      • Kristian T. Sørensen, Deputy Editor, The Tokenizer
    • Panelists:
      • Chris Carlin, Head of Alliances, Redistribution Solutions and Data Products, Asia, Morningstar
      • Nitin Gaur, Director, IBM Financial Sciences and Digital Assets, IBM
      • Eva Law, Chairman, Association of Family Offices in Asia
      • Samson Lee, Founder & CEO, Coinstreet Partners

Organized by


Founded in 2017, Coinstreet is an award-winning professional advisory and consulting firm in the Digital Asset sector. Coinstreet Partners also offers innovative fintech services, and business and operation solutions, covering four key business segments including : (1) Primary Market, Asset Tokenization & Initial Offerings, (2) Metaverse Solutions & Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), (3) DeFi, Prime Brokerage and Private Banking, (4) Asset Management, Tokenized Funds & Digital Asset Custodian.

Coinstreet is a co-organizer of TADS Awards – the world’s first international award for Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities sector.

Coinstreet was awarded the “Asia Futurist Leadership Award” and the “Security Tokens Realised Awards London 2020”.

For more information, please visit Coinstreet Partners.

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