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DAS 2023 #9: Sustainability and Carbon Credits

On December 15th, at The Point, we had an inspiring event, co-hosted by Asian Carbon Holdings Limited and DAS, focused on sustainability and exploring the concept of carbon credits. The Founder & CEO of Coinstreet, Samson Lee, partcipated as a panelist, alongside other esteemed speakers. Imran Ali (Founder, SavePlanetEarth) and David Piesse (CFO, iCarbon RE Limited) discussed the potential of carbon credit trading, while Dr. William Tien (Chairman, Asian Carbon Holdings Limited) provided valuable market perspectives. And Max Song (Founder, Carbonbase Hong Kong) served as the MC, guiding the discussions.

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of sustainability’s importance in the investment landscape and explored innovative approaches to sustainable finance. The event provided networking opportunities for like-minded individuals and organizations interested in sustainability and carbon credits.

We extend our gratitude to all the participants, speakers, panelists, and co-organising and supporting organisations for their valuable contributions to making the event a success.

Let’s continue to drive sustainability and positive change together!


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