Digital Asset Series (DAS) Seminars
– 2022 –

“The Best Vision is Insight” – Malcolm Forbes

Digital Asset Series (DAS) seminars

Initiated and sponsored by the TADS Awards, the world’s first international awards for Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities (TADS) inaugurated in 2020, Digital Asset Series (DAS) is a series of educational seminars delivered by industry leaders and practitioners, legal and consulting professionals, regulators, and academic scholars from Fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong.

The objective of DAS is to educate the general public about the ever-growing landscape of digital assets and facilitate mass adoption by covering different key topics across the digital asset space. by covering twelve (12) key topics across the digital asset space including Investment Strategies, Asset Management, Security Tokens, Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Regulatory, Stablecoin, CBDC, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, ESG, Impact and Social Good.

Target Audience

General public and companies who are interested to explore opportunities arise from Web3 or utility new elements from Web3 to enhance and add value to their lives and work.


  • To provide a well coordinated and organized series of seminars covering various key sub-topics in the ever-growing sphere and landscape of digital assets; 
  • To bring together forefront industry leaders with different backgrounds and sharing their unique perspectives and insights in the digital asset space;
  • To identify the most controversial topical debates thus correcting any misconceptions and further inspire discussion about the possible future opportunities of digital assets.

Organizing Committee

Samson Lee

Samson Lee

Chairman of Organizing Committee of DAS and TADS Awards

Letitia Yip

Letitia Yip

Program Director of DAS Seminars, VP Corporate Development at Coinstreet

Prof. David Wen

Prof. David Wen

Chairman of Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute

Emil Chan

Emil Chan

Co-Chair of Hong Kong Digital Finance Association

Michael Wong

Michael Wong

President of Society of Registered Financial Planners

Alex Au

Alex Au

Co-Founder of Hong Kong Digital Asset Society

Henry Yu

Henry Yu

Founding Committee of Asia Security Token Alliance

Tony Chan

Tony Chan

Co-Chairman of NFT Association of Hong Kong

Prof. Tony Tong

Prof. Tony Tong

Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Co-organizers & Supporters

DAS is co-organized by seven (7) leading professional organizations in the digital asset ecosystem in Hong Kong, namely (alphabetically) the Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute (“APDEI”), the Asia Security Token Alliance (“ASTA”), the Hong Kong Blockchain Association (“HKBA”), the Hong Kong Digital Asset Society (“HKDAS”), the Hong Kong Digital Finance Association (“HKDiFi”), the Society of Registered Financial Planners (“HKRFP”), and the NFT Association of Hong Kong (“NFTAHK”).

DAS is also supported by Invest Hong Kong, the HKSTP – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the Hong Kong Cyberport , and five (5) leading universities including the HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the CUHK Engineering FinTech Applied Research Academy (CEFAR), the LITE-lab at The Hong Kong University, the Faculty of Digital Transformation Centre at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,, and the EMBA Programme at the City University of Hong Kong.


Supporting Organizations


By alphabetical order

Simon Au Yeung

CEO (Blockchain Finance)@ ARTA TechFin Corporation Limited

Brian Chan

Investment Director, Asset Management@ Venture Smart Asia Ltd

Cheney Cheng

Managing Partner at Altive & Board Member@ SEBA Bank

Matthew Cheung

Chief Strategy Officer@ Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange Limited

Jakob Hesse

Executive Director @ Signum Digital

Julian Kwan

Co-founder & CEO@ InvestaX & IX Swap

Sam Lee

Founder & CEO @ Coinstreet

Ken Lo

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer@ HKbitEx

Robert Lui

Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader @ Deloitte China

Gary Tiu

Executive Director, Head of Regulatory Affairs@ BC Technology

Irene Wong

Founder & CEO@ IX Fintech

Michael Wong

President @ Society of Registered Financial Planners

Michael Wong

Managing Partner & Co-founder@ MaiCapital





Potential Speaker Profiles *

Fintech Industry Leaders and Practitioners with advanced expertise in the subject matter

Regulators covering discussions on financial products and virtual assets

Legal Professionals with profound knowledge on regulatory and legal framework in this space

Academic Scholars covering digital asset from a macro perspective

* All speakers are invited by DAS committee based on their professional experience in their area of expertise. We do not offer sponsored speaking opportunity.

Knowledge Sharing Organizations

By alphabetical order

Strategic Partners

DAS Seminars 2022

From August to November, DAS will be hosting eight (8) free educational seminars spanning a four-month period, including

Session / DATE




Session#1 –
Aug 30th

Investment Strategies & Asset Management in Digital Assets

Society of Registered Financial Planners

The Center

Session#2 -Sep 15th

Digitized Securities & Security Token

Signum Digital / Coinstreet


Session#3 -Sep 29th

ESG, Impact and Social Good



Session#4 -Oct 5th

Compliance and Regulatory Landscape



Session#5 -Oct 12th

Stablecoin & CBDC



Session#6 -Oct 27th

DeFi & Cryptocurrencies



Session#7 -Nov 5th

Web 3.0, Metaverse & NFT Opportunities for Youth



Session#8 -Nov 24th

Market opportunities in GBA


The Desk

Session#3 – Sep 29, 2022

Session#2 – Sep 15, 2022

Session#1 – Aug 30, 2022